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"You say "No.1",
you're my only one!

It all begins in January 2017. Only knowing Kotori and Nico from seeing them on Tumblr back in 2015 (I even downloaded the game back but soon gave up since I couldn't even finish the tutorial.)

I went into the unknown (mostly), guided by some friends (they're the reason I started to play since they were always talking about sif). It's funny thinking about those starting days, not knowing how much Maki would end up meaning to me.

I always had my eye on her but it wasn't until I idolized her Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! R card that I really hopped into the Maki train.
After that magical idolization moment , I started to pay more atention to her stories and eventually she became my best girl (along with Ruby)

I know merch isn't everything but I get so happy and emotional seeing how my Maki shrine has grown over the years!

The Nendoroid Petit was a gift from a friend in May 2017 (thank you Flora <3) and in September I got the keychain!

September 8 2018 I went to a con and got my very first figure! Maki of course!

When I was in college I used to take her omanjuu and squeeze it to calm me down (and I still do that when I’m feeling anxious) and I keep her BokuHika plushie next to me in my bed so I always have the sweetest dreams!

When I turned 18, my mom surprised me with my birthday cake being Maki themed!

Since I deleted my former twitter account (nishikinoss) (and since I lost my original 2017 sif account, I also deleted the school idol tomodachi profile/account associated with it) I don't have many of the memories I'd like to put here but all my love is still here and it's a way to make some new memories!
I joined (and won) two Maki birthday giveaways on School Idol Tomodachi and got third place in the Love Letters contest!
I joined in 2020 too
Love Letters

I always try my best to save gems to be able to scout on her birthdays! It's always such an exciting time!

On April 19 2017, Maki blessed me with my first UR of her

I couldn't believe my eyes, just a scout and she was there!
On june 7th that year I got her title

Sadly I lost my original account but best girl continues to be with me! And now with SIFAS it's just one more chance and way to be with Maki!